CS40 provides limited funding to groups focused on enriching the student experience for undergraduates living on campus.


To submit a finance request to CS40, please do the following:

  1. Contact the Director of Finance as soon as possible even if you cannot complete the form below to ensure you secure a slot for your request.
  2. Complete the Finance Request Form. The Director of Finance will get back to you within two business days to acknowledge your request with any potential comments and concerns.
  3. Have representatives meet with the Finance Board for pre-approval.

If your Finance Request moves on you will be asked to present in front of Assembly (which meets Tuesdays at 8:30).


  • You may request up to $1000 one time during the year, or up to $500 once each semester.
    • For example, if you request $700 during the Fall Semester, you cannot request $300 during the Spring Semester.
    • However, if you request $400 during the Fall Semester, you CAN request up to $500 during the Spring Semester.
  • Requests must be placed at a minimum of three weeks before your event takes place. 
  • Funds may be deposited into Workday 2-3 weeks after requests have been funded
  • CS40 pays close attention to whether your event is truly need-based
    • If you represent a Student Union affiliated group, you must ask SU for money before making this finance request or have substantial justification for not doing so.
    • If we have funded you in the past, this does not guarantee we will fund you again


    • ​​​The CS40 Dome must be placed on all your advertisements if CS40 funds your event. (Email cs40pr@wustl.edu for dome)
    • CS40 cannot fund alcohol.
    • CS40 cannot fund spaces reserved on the South 40 (Ursa’s, College Hall, etc.)
    • CS40 cannot fund items that will be donated (supplies for things that will be made, e.g. cards, are allowed)
    • CS40 cannot fund gifts
    • CS40 money must be specifically used for what the money is allocated towards.