What are college councils?

Each Residential College on the South 40 has a College Council. These Councils, composed of students from the Res. College, work to enhance the sense of community and pride in their Res. College by organizing fun events and programs throughout the year. In working closely with their RCD (Residential College Director), they also act as a voice for student opinion to the administration. Being a part of a College Council is a great leadership experience, and can also be a stepping stone towards bigger roles such as CS40 Chair or Exec.

Though they operate independently within their Res. College, College Council members still play a role in CS40 as a whole by participating on various committees led by Cs40 Chairs and Execs. More information on these committees can be found on the Boards + Committees Structure page.

Below are the responsibilities of each College Council member, as listed in the Constitution.

–Responsibilities of each College Council member–

President’s Responsibilities:

The focus of this position is leading the Residential College Council. The President schedules and leads the meetings of the College Council and ensures that all College Council events are successful. The College Council President also works closely with the CS40 Speaker and serves on the Resident-Student Advisory Board. They can appoint special committees with approval from their Residential College and organize programming for their Residential College.

As President, you will attend:

  • Assembly
  • Residential Student Advisory Board (RSAB)
  • Residential Housing Advisory Council (RHAC)
  • Your College Council meeting

Vice President’s Responsibilities:

The focus of this position is helping the College Council President organize and implement the activities of the Residential College. The Vice President also works to enhance cooperation among the various College Councils by acting as the point person for co-programming that occurs between College Councils. They serve as the official liaison of the College Council to the Assembly, where they give updates and vote. The Vice President also serves as a member of the Internal Operations Committee.

As Vice President, you will attend:

  • Assembly
  • Internal Operations Committee
  • Your College Council meeting

Treasurer’s Responsibilities:

Each Residential College Council has a specific budget for its activities and programs. It is the Treasurer’s responsibility to keep track of the College Council’s fundraising and expenditures. The Treasurer works closely with the Director of Finance and serves on the Finance Board, a body that allocates money to other student groups for programming.

As Treasurer, you will attend:

  • Assembly
  • Finance Board
  • Your College Council meeting

Public Relations Representative’s Responsibilities:

The focus of this position is publicizing the events put on by the College Council to the rest of the Residential College. The Public Relations Representative will create flyers, Facebook posts and head all publicity efforts for the College Council’s events, as well as take minutes at meetings. The Public Relations Representative works closely with the Director of Public Relations and serves on the Promotions Board, where they work on publicity for larger events (i.e. painting the underpass, flyering, etc.).

As a PR representative, you will attend:

  • Assembly
  • Promotions Board
  • Your College Council meeting

Board Representative’s Responsibilities:

Board Representatives are responsible for creating and pursuing legislative action to improve life on the South 40. In addition to attending weekly College Council meetings, they are expected to take note of updates made during Assembly and bring this information back to his or her College Council. Board representatives must also serve on one of the two CS40 boards—the SEARs Board or the Development Board. There is one Board Representative for every seventy-five residents in a Residential College.

As a Board representative, you will attend:

  • Assembly
  • SEARs Board and/or Development Board
  • Your College Council meeting

College Council Representative’s Responsibilities:

Each College Council Representative will convey the concerns of the residents they represent. College Council Representatives are crucial in the implementation and promotion of College Council events. The distribution of College Council Representatives may vary for each Residential College.

As a CoCo representative, you will attend:

  • Assembly
  • Your College Council meeting

Eco Representative’s Responsibilities:

This position will encourage sustainable programming efforts within your College Council. They will also act as a liaison to the Office of Sustainability and bring updates about campus sustainable practices to your Res College. This person will serve as captain during the Green Cup Competition in the spring, and publicize energy usage and recycling options. No prior knowledge or experience with sustainability is necessary!

As an Eco representative, you will attend:

  • Assembly
  • Sustainability Board
  • Your College Council meeting