Speaker – Lindsey Grant
Contact for general questions about CS40, groups interested in working with CS40, and campus partners.

Director of Public Relations – Nina Latimore
Contact for questions about CS40 design and advertising, website, Instagram, and Facebook page.

Director of Services – Elaine Choy
Contact for questions about renting CS40 items, including social, competitive, sports/rec events, and WUStock.

Director of Development – Lauren Blaydon
Contact for questions about scholastic, cultural, and community service events.

Director of Finance – Vinayak Nair
Contact for questions about finance requests and the CS40 budget.

Social Chair – Josh Hou – cs40social@wustl.edu

Design Chair – Sohpie Difazio 

Competitions Chair – Siya Verma – cs40competitions@wustl.edu

Diversity and Inclusion Chair – Alyena Gilani – cs40diversity@wustl.edu

Swamp Chair – Andrew Rudolph cs40swamp@wustl.edu

Scholastic Chair –Emre Ozmemilics40academic@wustl.edu

Culture Chair – Amea Bretz – cs40culture@wustl.edu

Community Service – Justin Xu – cs40communityservice@wustl.edu

Sustainability Chair – Maddy Beldner– cs40sustainability@wustl.edu

Internal Operations Chair – Rayna Auerbach– cs40ioc@wustl.edu

Advisor – Jordan Williams
Coordinator for Residential Leadership