Getting Started

  • Who is your specific audience?
  • What is your purpose/goal for the program?
  • How does the purpose appeal to your adience?
  • How does this program fit with the goals of your College Council?

Working Out the Details

  • Select a date
  • Check for available space and reserve the room
  • Check for exams, other campus activities and events happening at the same time as your event
  • Decide on a budget
  • Have a leader who is in charge of delegating tasks and making sure everything runs smoothly
  • Contact speakers/groups in advance
  • Purchase needed supplies
  • Make an outline for the program


  • Consider what will be the most effective way
  • Advertise at least 1 week in advance
  • Use word of mouth in addition to fliers
  • Follow these guidelines:
    • Make them big, colorful, and eye catching
    • Be creative–Facebook events, flyers, chalking and posters are good, but you can always do something out of the ordinary (e.g. put up balloons at the Clock Tower)
    • Make sure all forms of publicity is approved by Emily (Director of PR)
    • Publicity should be timed properly. Allow plenty of time for people to see them, but don’t put them out too soon or else people will forget
    • Publicize in different areas (e.g. Underpass, stairwells, DUC TVs etc.)
  • All advertisements should contain the following:
    • The CS40 logo (i.e. the Dome)
    • WHAT: name of event with brief description
    • WHEN: date and time
    • WHERE: building, room and possibly directions
    • WHO: sponsoring group
    • WHY (if necessary): purpose of the event
    • COST ASSOCIATED? If it is free, emphasize it!


  • Arrive early to set up
  • Arrange the room/area accordingly
  • Greet presenters
  • Greet residents/participants
  • Thank everyone at the end
  • Clean up
  • Send thank you notes to presenters (if necessary)


  • Were your goals met?  Why, why not?
  • Would you repeat this program?  Why, why not?
  • Could this program be improved?  How?
  • Submit the poster, success rating, and event description.