The Executive Board is composed of five elected individuals: The Speaker, Director of Services, Director of Finance, Director of Public Relations, and Director of Development.  The Executive Board, through the Speaker, leads Assembly.  The CS40 executives serve as liaisons to several campus groups and administrators, oversee various boards, committees, and College Councils within CS40, and manage the substantial congressional budget.  For these and many other services rendered, they are compensated by CS40 with a housing credit, equivalent to 60% of the price of the cheapest double available on the Forty.

Speaker’s Responsibilities

  • Guide overall vision for CS40.
  • Facilitate communication and activities between all of CS40’s structural components.
  • Prepare an agenda for assembly.
  • Serve as the chief advisor to College Council Presidents.
  • Chair the Resident Student Advisory Board and advise the Internal Operations Committee.
  • Serve as a voice for the Forty by communicating with other campus organizations.

Director of Finance’s Responsibilities

  • Advise Finance Board.
  • Oversee, create, and present budget upon election.
  • Organize all finances for CS40 by maintaining and updating budget regularly.
  • Keep copies of all receipts and documents.
  • Train CS40 officers in all aspects of CS40 Finance.
  • Approve and sign off on all payments.
  • Receive and review monthly reports from accounting.
  • Serve as the chief advisor to College Council Treasurers.

Director of Public Relations’ Responsibilities

  • Advise Promotions Board.
  • Organize publicity for all large-scale CS40 events and programs.
  • Correspond with the constituency through weekly emails.
  • Approve all publicity for College Councils/Committees.
  • Manage bulletin board in the Bear’s Den.
  • Take minutes at Assembly and Exec meetings.
  • Create the master event calendar.
  • Compile a scrapbook to be published in the Spring.

Director of Services’s Responsibilities

  • Advise Services Board.
  • Promote and manage the CS40 Car Rental Service
  • Organize the purchasing of food for CS40 meeting including all assembly meetings.
  • Coordinate all South 40 Week preparations.
  • Spearhead bringing a Speaker to Campus for South 40 Week.
  • Oversee and maintain all CS40 supplies.

Director of Development’s Responsibilities

  • Advise Development Board.
  • Prepare all CS40 delegations to outside conferences.
  • Plan leadership retreats for all elected members.
  • Plan information sessions to educate the constituency about CS40 and what it does.
  • Spearhead efforts for leadership development within CS40 and the constituency.
  • Plan the end-of-the-year CS40 Banquet.