The only all-freshman ResCollege, Lee Beau has tons of spirit and Res. College pride.  Following that spirit, Lee Beau College Council is known for being creative, enthusiastic and close-knit.  Often times, this leads to a few large scales events throughout the year with a few smaller events interspersed throughout. You can find out more about Lee Beau on the Residential Life website.

Colors: Black + Yellow
Mascot: Giraffe

Members (2019-2020)

Presidents: Lilly Gonzalez
Vice President: Jojo Spio
Treasurer:  Sam Andelman
PR Rep: Riley Kramer
Eco Rep: Spencer Chrein
Diversity and Inclusion Rep: Shawn Mohammed
College Council/Board Rep: Lillian Nystrom, Jason Jin, Harry Seto

RCD: Brittany Bynum
Grad Fellow: Tiana Glass