College Council  Leadership Education and Passive Programming (LEAPP) Experience

Purpose of CoCo LEAPP: To re-imagine the college council experience during the 2020-2021 academic year to fall in line with university guidelines in response to Covid-19, the College Council LEAPP experience will provide students with leadership education to prepare them for future leadership roles and create opportunities for passive and virtual engagement for students.

Students for more information on the program see the Information Sheet below:

College Council LEAPP Experience Information Sheet



  • September 4: CoCo LEAPP Application Goes Live on WUGO
  • September 14: First Day of Classes
  • September 15: LEAPP Info Session hosted by CS40/CRL (8pm)
  • September 16-18: LEAPP Info Session in Residential Colleges/Communities hosted by GF/RCD
  • September 21-22: LEAPP Info Sessions hosted by CRL (during day)
  • September 23: Applications Due at Noon
  • September 23-25: Application Review
  • September 25: Applicants notified of acceptance via email from RCD/GF
  • September 29:  First Assembly Meeting