Brookings College Council is known for its strong ties to the traditions of the ResCollege. Each year, the college council works to perfect events like Scorch on the Porch, which has been held on the porch between Lien and Gregg since the Res. College was founded. You can find our more about Brookings on the Residential Life website.

Colors: Royal Blue + Yellow
Mascot: Kings

Members (2019-2020)

President: Lisa Han
Vice President: Kyle Lieu
Treasurer: Kaitlin Day
PR Rep: Cassie Jeng
Eco Rep: Layna Auzenne
College Council/Board Rep: Haley Powell, Sai Damireddi, Ulysses Atkeson, David Armstrong, Cory Johnson

RCD: Justavian Tillman
Grad Fellow: Currently Unfilled