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As the first model for the Res. College system at WashU, WGE is known for having particularly strong Res. College pride and floor community.  Unlike many other college councils, WGE almost exclusively programs larger-scale events. You can read more about WGE on the Residential Life website. 

Colors: forest green + silver
Mascot: walrus


President: Andrew Mitra
Vice President: Jimmy Rao
Treasurer: Diana Griffin
PR Rep: Andrea Chambers
Eco Rep: Katie Zhao, Kathleen White
Assembly Board Reps: Hannah Ward, Sarah Olsen, Kendra Lewis, Matan Alon, Shahd Alyasiry, Max Klapow, Arik Wolk, Clarinda Tan, Sam Wimpfheimer
College Council Reps: Daniel Kipnis, Abbie Leonard, Spencer Stewart, Rehan Choudhury, Enjeh Liu, Grace Hederick

RCD: Raven Robinson
Grad Fellow: MegAnn Slater