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USOFO college council is known for its enthusiasm and ambition. In their excitement to program large scale events, members become very close-knit and bonded.  Additionally, their optimism allows them to find meaningful experiences in each of their endeavors, regardless of the outcome, as to them college council is an opportunity to learn with all hands on deck. You can read more about USoFo on the Residential Life website, or check out their Facebook page. 

Colors: light blue + red
Mascot: whale

President: Sammy Schein
Vice President: Noah Silberwasser
Treasurer: Cam Gordon
PR Rep: Vicky Zhang
Eco Rep: Russell Clarke, Amal Hamed
Assembly Board Reps: Meghna Padmanabhan, Denye Mickens, Bryce Maxwell, Noah Paige, Isabel Schuckman, Sydney Burgdorf, Ashley Frey
College Council Reps: Dani Wilder, Maya Wernikoff, Emily Cohen, Jordan Hu, Mabel Spio, David Cho

RCD: Domonique Crosby
Assistant RCD: Jordan Peters