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Until this year, the majority of the Res. College was made up of sophomores; however, JK&L college council is known for being primarily made up of excited freshman.  JK&L College Council usually focuses its time in getting residents out of their bubble to meet new people.  They tend to program smaller-scale events, attempting to foster an intimate atmosphere that will bring people closer together. You can read more about JK&L on the Residential Life website.

Colors: turquoise + silver
Mascot: elephant

President: Kentrell Jamison
Vice President: Sam Manyak
Treasurer: Ellen Liu
PR Rep: Kane Koubsky
Eco Rep: Andriana Levytsky, Mark Sfreddo
Assembly Board Reps: Lexi Lampkin, Morgan Doman, Trevor McKee, Brandon Williams
College Council Reps: –

RCD: E’Quain Rhodes
Grad Fellow: Lauren Johnson