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This year, HIG ResCollege and College Council welcomed freshmen for a second year, last year being the first. This addition has given them a new burst of enthusiasm, with both new faces ready to bring new ideas and returning residents to bring experience and traditions.  HIG college council traditionally plans small-scale events that build ResCollege pride, encouraging us all to “Fear the Flame”. You can read more about HIG on the Residential Life website.

Colors: brown + orange

Mascot: dragon

President: Reana Elder
Vice President: Anaya Johnson
Treasurer: Tiffany Balcarcel
PR Rep: Ali Rayef
Eco Rep: Lucy Elwy
Ursa’s Rep: Oliver Wang
Assembly Reps: Mireille Gerdes, Noah Rennert, Cesar Chaves Jr.
College Council Reps: Laura Cornell, Brandon Williams, Dugan Marieb

RCD: Christian Sandoval