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Wayman Crow

dscn9929WayCrow college council is known for having a very close-knit college council that works tirelessly to program events that foster a sense of community within the WayCrow ResCollege. Often times this means smaller scale programs that act as a study break and allow residents to get to know each other better. You can find out more about WayCrow on the Residential Life website.

Colors: red + white
Mascot: crow

President: Gena Paek
Vice President: Courtney Chan
Treasurer: Steph Strek
PR Rep: Dorian Stubblefield
Eco Rep: Jacob Plotkin
Ursa’s Rep: Nish Chakraburtty
Assembly Reps: Jamie Cohen, Anna Zarov, Kendra Lewis
College Council Reps: Tiffany Chiang, Alexa Rakusin, Neeha Kotte, Zach Antin, Jason Tang, Braden Kerr, Liam Osler

RCD: Shanai Sloan