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Park Mudd


Park/Mudd pirates have what can be explained simply as “pirate pride.”  As one of the most enthusiastic ResColleges, Park Mudd College Council is known for rallying pride within its residents through larger scale events in Mudd Multipurpose room and Mudd Lounge. You can read more about Park Mudd on the Residential Life website.

Colors: black + red

Mascot: pirate

President: Joey Vettiankal
Vice President: Priyanshu K. Jain
Treasurer: Eddie Xie
PR Rep: Susan Zhang
Eco Rep: Jacob Halladay-Glynn
Ursa’s Rep: Miles Charles
Assembly Reps: Stanley Wu, Vishal Puppala, Ashlee Chung, Andrea Tam
College Council Reps: Grant Knight, Maria Anna Vakaki, Kate Marquis, Sarah Chen, Hayley Miller, Greer Gurewitz, Lauren Gelb, Elizabeth Looby

RCD: Trish Gomez