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Posted on Oct 14, 2013

LK Brookings Carnival on the Swamp

LK: LK and Brookings put on a ring toss for Carnival on the Swamp! While the game itself was difficult (not impossible, but throwing small wrist-bands onto root beer bottles was definitely a challenge), people seemed to line up and really enjoy it! We gave out ring pops as prizes to go with the ring theme, and everyone generally seemed to have fun!

Brookings: We set up a Ring Toss with LK. The event was called “Put a Ring on It” – we had a catchy name with great PR posters.
To set up the event, we managed to get many free resources.
We painted a banner for the event as well.
All our money was spent on prizes (candy), so we did not run out of prizes like many other groups did. We could have had more people come to the event, but it went very well!